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Stone care can not be separated from stone protection!

Industry news
2017/08/07 20:45
Some projects on the ground after grinding refurbished marble bursting, peeling, black pinholes and other phenomena, the effect of care is not as care
Some projects on the ground after grinding refurbished marble bursting, peeling, black pinholes and other phenomena, the effect of care is not as care, to the stone care industry has brought a lot of negative impact. The emergence of such a situation to study the root causes of stone care is to do people do not understand the stone lithology and physical and chemical properties, do not grasp the essence of stone care, stone care will not be the correct use of stone protective agent. Stone care because it will not use the protective agent will cause a lot of problems: such as water spots, rust yellow, pan-base, mildew, polishing is not ideal, freeze-thaw and so on the disease, such as the problem is mainly due to water or liquid material pollution caused by stone The Natural stone is a kind of material with microporous structure, there are many invisible pores, which makes water and pollutants easily penetrate the stone, so as long as frequent contact with liquid substances, will appear the above phenomenon. How to solve these problems, in fact, very simple, that is selected, good stone protective agent!
The above is a refurbishment will appear in some of the problems in the property project, we often encounter such a situation, the bathroom, the door between the stone floor stone, after a period of time, there will be water spots, rust yellow phenomenon. This is because of the pollution caused by water, if we know that stone protective agent can effectively prevent the erosion of the liquid stone, we settled in the time to do a good job of protection, it may put an end to the emergence of these phenomena, will not face follow-up Some of the problems of disease management. There are more similar cases to prove that the stone care from the stone protection agent.
What is stone protective agent? Stone protection of national vocational qualification training materials are given a specific definition: stone protective agent is to prevent natural stone produced white, water spots, rust and other lesions, can effectively reduce the stone water absorption, improve stone stain resistance and corrosion resistance The solution of the solution.
Since the stone protective agent is so important, then how do we do the protection? First of all we have to understand the stone protective agent is a grade, there is a national standard products, we should choose in the construction of the national first-class products or more products; stone protection agent has a lot of classification, to understand these categories, we In the specific work to make better choices and applications. For example, the stone protective agent according to the function of oil and oil, and waterproof two, then the restaurant area stone protection treatment, we know that should choose anti-oil type protective agent, because the restaurant such as the area is mainly oil Pollution. We should also remember the construction of protective agent 12 words essentials: clean, dry, grade, adequate, uniform, health.