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Stone color adjustment interior decoration effect

Industry news
2017/08/07 20:44
Color is a physical phenomenon, it is the main visual effects produced by people in both psychological and physiological aspects, such as color can produce cold, distance, severity, size and other physiological reactions; In addition, the color of people in a variety of physiological reactions At the same time will also cause different psychological feelings, such as solemn sense, light feeling, just strong, soft, rich sense, simple sense of different psychological reactions. Stone color rich and varied, in the indoor environment design, you can use the color characteristics of stone to create a different indoor atmosphere. In the decoration process can be adjusted according to the color properties of the indoor situation, the following specific:
(1) the use of color sense of temperature to create a specific indoor atmosphere
Color wheel on the red, orange, yellow and other warm colors; green, blue, purple and so on for the cool color. Warm and cool colors in the human psychological and visual will have a different effect. Warm colors can make people excited, warm atmosphere; and cool colors are elegant, quiet atmosphere. Stone color is very rich, warm color stone stone red stone, rhododendron red, rosin yellow, Sha Anna beige; cool color of the stone are Dandong green, blue sea, sea ice blue and so on. The beige of the beige color is softer and warm, and the interior space can be used in different styles of interior space. For example, Shana Anna Beige expresses a kind of elegant, elegant and elegant interior in European style. Style is expressed in a stunning, warm and extraordinary extravagance, you can create a relaxed and warm home environment.
(2) the use of the severity of color to adjust the balance of indoor space
The severity of the color is mainly affected by the brightness, the general dark feeling heavy, light feeling light. The correct use of light and heavy sense can make the indoor space to achieve a balanced and stable effect. In order to maintain the stability of indoor color, indoor space from top to bottom the top of the shallow, darker walls, baseboard and the deepest ground.
(3) the use of color distance to adjust the indoor space scale, proportion and shape
The sense of distance is related to hue and brightness. Bright light color for the near color, looks to make people and objects from the shortening of the distance; low-light color for the fade, looks to make people and objects to increase the distance. The same distance, warm color of the wall than the cool color of the wall will make people feel close. Such as Hainan Sanya seven cents Jade Island Resort Hotel on the third floor of the design of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
(4) use the color of the body to improve the size of the effect of indoor space
Warm and bright colors with the role of the proliferation of color, it is large; cool and dark people feel the volume shrink. In the indoor environment design, the use of color fitness to improve the size and size of space, so that the decoration of the various parts of the space more coordinated. The sense of body weight is mainly related to lightness. The lower the brightness of the stronger sense of contraction; the higher the brightness, the stronger the sense of expansion. Such as the dark column appears fine, and the bright column appears thick.
(5) the use of neutral colors to reconcile the indoor warm atmosphere
Black and white gray interior design is never outdated color, it can reconcile the space of the well-being, but also designers love the color. Common gray stone with silver mink, Italian gray, French wood gray, Persian gray, Cinderella, Caesar ash, Guizhou wood grain, cloud pull ash and so on. Such as the French wood gray is mainly used in the interior of the wall, floor, cylinder decoration; in different interior design style of the visual and emotional effects are not the same; in the Chinese style, it expresses a Quiet and far from the mood; in modern style, it is particularly simple and stylish, you can ease people's emotions, adjust the high rhythm of modern life.
(6) the use of different combinations of stone to create a strong visual effect
As we all know, the color of stone rich and varied, changing thousands. When we are in the production and processing of different colors of stone according to a certain geometric patterns arranged in combination, we can create a lot of better visual sense, more artistic appreciation of the value of stone decorative handicrafts. The role of decoration is to use a combination of different colors to change the atmosphere of the environment, creating a beautiful and harmonious environment. From a variety of colored stone collage made of different patterns, elegant, solemn, not only has a very high artistic appreciation of the value, but also has a very high decorative value, gives the vision to a very strong impact, people produce a strong Visual effect. This kind of stone processing from the stone collage products, is currently very popular in hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls, comprehensive business building, can give people the rhythm of beauty, the voice of the United States, the United States melody, the United States and the United States to enjoy the shock and beauty.